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Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 16.9 oz

Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 16.9 oz

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This is a robust oil with notable flavors of artichokes and wild arugula, with the added flavor of sparkling spiciness.
This is also a perfect finishing oil over grilled steaks, salmon, steamed or grilled vegetables.

“The perfect finishing oil; think of it as your Tuscan ketchup! This gorgeous bottle takes center stage at your dinner table when serving grilled grass-fed steaks. Pour generously over any winter green such as kale, chard, and beet greens. Elegantly swirl over steamed romanesco broccoli, creamy cannelloni beans, and chickpeas. Enjoy the explosion of flavors when simply using as a dip for pinzimonio (raw vegetable crudités).”

Frescobaldi’s Laudemio continues to be a true testament to its lineage. It is crafted from the purest cold-pressing of perfectly whole Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino olives from the family’s property in the hills surrounding Florence. Frescobaldi selects only the finest extra virgin olive oil to become Laudemio.

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