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Amarena Pitted Cherries 1.34 lbs

Amarena Pitted Cherries 1.34 lbs

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The Amarena cherries are small sour dark colored Italian cherry grown in Bologna and Modena, two cities of Italy. It is usually bottled in syrup and used as a decoration on rich chocolate desserts. The Amarena cherry originated with Gennaro Fabbri who was born in 1869 in Bologna, Italy. His wife, Rachele, took over an old general store in Portomaggiore.  This store was near a wild black cherry orchard. She picked the cherries and cooked them in sugar in copper pots. He was so grateful for this treat, he purchased a ceramic jar from an artist from Faenza.  This white and blue ceramic jar was then used to sell the syrup and start a small company.  In 1905 he started a company of cherry related products, under the Fabbri brand. The company thrives today and sells a number of other cherry related products.

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