There are a number of stories about the origins of pasta. Regardless of its actual origin, whoever started the ball rolling deserves a word of thanks! However, that being noted, not all pasta is created the same. As you’ll notice, the pasta products that we sell have a blue and yellow IGP seal, that stands for Indicazione Geografica Protetta.  Translated it ensures the ingredients are from that region (Gragnano) and the production, processing and preparation all take place there as well. The wheat has been growing there for centuries and remains in an unaltered state. This region is known for its rich, fertile soil.  It is important to emphasize there is no genetic manipulation of this wheat.  It is a truly natural wheat product, and you will discover that when you taste it. The company also uses bronze dyes to extrude the product into the shapes that you see. This process along with slow-drying for up to thirty hours gives it a taste unlike any other product on the market. You may also notice that the pasta shapes are rough.  This allows for the sauce to cling to each individual pasta.

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