Collection: Imported italian MACARONI / PASTA

LaFabbrica Della Pasta is rooted in the stories about pasta in ancient times. The story begins over 500 years ago when the durum wheat semolina travelled down the roads of Gragnano, Italy. One would have seen the pasta drying on canes, slowly moving to the rhythm of the winds as it gently dried. The everyday activities of the inhabitants going about their daily routines. This is the scenario where 500 years ago the best pasta in the world was produced in Gragnano! The artisan production was born from the mix of Gragnano’s natural spring water and the durum semolina that took place in a mixing tank. The Pasta was then amalgamated in the “gramola” and hand pressed, in ancient time, and eventually mechanically pressed. The precious mixture was pushed through a bronze die by the Pastaio. Different bronze dies produced many different pasta shapes that were then dried under the sun off the streets of Gragnano on bamboo canes and caressed by the hug of the winds of Lattari mountains and the Sorrento gulf. The skill of the Pastaio completed the production with a careful and constant control on the drying pasta