Pasta Fagioli

Pasta Fagioli


1 Bag of your choice of pasta, cook off and set aside. 

3 oz-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1-8 oz can tomato paste

1-Small Onion-sliced long ways

3-Cloves Garlic-chopped small pieces

1-Tablespoons of Oregano

4oz- Red Wine

1-Can Cannelli Beans


Heat the terra cotta pot with the olive oil to medium temperature, add the chopped onions, and stir around, when the edges start to brown add your garlic, saute until garlic starts to brown.  Then add the can of tomato paste and 3 cans of water, using the can the paste came in.  Mix well, add the oregano, red wine and beans.  Then add your pasta.

Boun Appetito


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