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Mead Honey Vinegar

Mead Honey Vinegar

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Mead is produced by fermenting honey with water, fruits, spices, grains, or hops. The majority of the sugar that is fermentable is derived from honey.  The Honey used in this vinegar is from a man who is dedicating his life to the practice of “biodiversity”.  Michele Gaido believes that continuous awareness to the environment allows for good personal health.  He is the protector and keeper not only of the environment but for the bees that allow him to produce his quality organic products.  The bees are abundant in the Po River valley where Alpine fields grow flowers indigenous to that region. The bees thus transform this into wild and organic honey. 

The vinegar itself is made by taking this honey melding it with natural enological yeast that accelerate the fermentation process, taking months to occur.  Once this process is achieved it is transferred into airtight vats for one year.  By doing this it prevents the vinegar from oxidizing thus allow for the flavor profiles to fully develop.

This exceptional product make for its use on delicate greens and fresh fruit salads.

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