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While A Rose by any other name is still a rose . . .

A sauce by any other name isn't Anna's Simply Gourmet !
     Our award winning products are named for Anne Schettino D`Urso, the Culinary Counselor's mother.  She was to a kitchen what a tomato is to sauce.   Over the span of her short life, one can only guess as to the amount of sauce she made for our family, and yet, I always remember that each pot was as if it were her first. My  mother never took short cuts or used ingredients that were not to her liking. And I (we) follow that notion for each batch of sauce that we make, our next batch is our first. And of course we use only fresh natural ingredients.  That not only gooes for our sauce, it applies to every product we sell under our label.

     In her own right she possessed the culinary splendor of those you may watch today; a chef, baker and everything in between, that was who she was. From her head she could create cakes, pies, and other Italian favorites.  When she passed we all wanted her recipes and we came to discover there were only ingredients listed, not amounts.  That was her secret, but yet she always shared, if you wanted to learn and learn, I did!  I kind of snicker when I read some of the recipes books written by so-called authorities who have visited Italy many times and cooked with Chef Bachagalupe.  Hell . . . I never had to leave my home to be in Old World Italy, our growing up was attuned to the traditions and culture of our heritage, and that is where I learned to cook and bake, alongside the best . . . my mom!
     In the tradition of Anne Schettino, our  tomato sauces begin with tomatoes imported from the San Marzano region of Italy.  This region has some of the best soil from which tomato can be grown.  Like all tomatoes of Italy they are not an indiginous fruit.  They seeds were given to the explorers by the Peruvian King, while others explorers also brought back to Italy the seeds to produce the tomato.   Being Italian however, I favor the tomatoes of Italy, although tomatoes grow well in other reigions of the world as well. After all (like other things we need not mention), we just took what is natural and perfected it . . . the art of "Italian Cooking"  . . . it is Italia!