About The Culinary Counselor
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The Few-The Proud-The Marines
      When I decided to become a lawyer, it never occurred to me that I was also on a path
to becoming "bi-professional," having had culinary talents from an early age, it just never
was something that I thought of doing on a professional level. After three years in the
Marine Corps that included a tour of duty in Viet-Nam, followed by four years of college
and then another three in law school, it was hard to imagine me doing anything else but
practice law. While my legal talents became more pronounced, so did my culinary
talents.  However, somewhere along the way, I began to waiver in my desires to practice
law and began moving on a parallel course between law, and the culinary arts.

       As time moved forward, the clashes became hard to understand, why one and not the
other, so I decided to spend time behind a stove in a restaurant along with time in the
courtroom. Those who know me can tell you that I march to my drummer and
occasionally can wander off the reservation. For awhile I left the reservation and became
solely involved with food enterprises. When I did finally come back to the law, it was with
a different perspective, but still, the love of the culinary arts lingered; the allure of food,
similar to, and erotic as another pervasive need was prominent in my everyday life.

      Then one day an epiphany occurred; I finally came to realize that I had to accept the
fact that I was indeed "bi" ..., bi-professional" that is. Therefore, there was no need to
hide it anymore, I finally came out of the pantry and declared it to the world.  It wasn't
easy to accept the fact that I am muti-talented (something most could not be), proficient
in both, so why not do both, a balancing act but nonetheless it is what I yearn for. . .
Challenges! After all, I am a Marine and ever since that day of stepping off the bus at
Parris Island, South Carolina, I have never been afraid of a challenge and never let one
discourage or defeat me.  As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "the credit belongs to the doer
of deeds," regardless if he fails, because he was bold enough to step into the arena.

       So here I am in my law office writing this description of myself, while I peer out into
the other room and look at all the items that you are looking at on this website. Our sauce
company, Anna's Simply Gourmet, is named in honor of the professional chef who taught
me what I needed to know about the art of Italian cooking, my Mother! We have an array
of fine imported and domestic products just waiting for you to purchase and enjoy!

       While I am proud of all my accomplishments, the one, however, that I am the
proudest of is earning the title of United States Marine, where you learn that failure is not
an option, nor a word used in the vocabulary of the Corps. You learn from mistakes, and
you get up and overcome the challenges or obstacles put in front of you. Therefore, I must
include in this bio, my thoughts, and prayers to those who never had the chance to
succeed or fail; they did their duty to an ungrateful government, died not for it, but for
their buddies, and shall never be forgotten at least by me!

       And don't forget to keep checking back as new items appear on the site.